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A Virtual Assistant Supports Virtually Any Industry

People all over the world contract VAs daily on a short or long-term basis to help them with routine tasks and special projects. As a busy professional, you need more time to focus on the things that you do best. Let your Virtual Assistant focus on the rest. Some...

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WordPress: The Website For “The Rest of Us”!

You need a website No, no…that wasn’t a question. You need a good WordPress website.  Today, not having a website is the business equivalent of being homeless. Phone books have been replaced by Google; newspapers by online news sites and social media. You have likely...

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14 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help An Artist

A Virtual Assistant for An Artist? You are an artist. You visualize, you create, and you fashion meaning as well as beauty when you interpret the world around you. Your time is far too valuable to waste it organizing the technical and business parts of your world....

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3 Steps to Adding Delegation to Your Life

Don’t Wait — Delegate! There is one attribute that all successful businesses have in common — from the single-bodied LLC in a home office, to well-established enterprises with many employees: management that understands how to utilize the power to delegate! Delegation...

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Green Your Biz

Make Your Business Green? Ok, by now you all know that the term green business no longer represents a color, but instead a way of life. And if there aren’t enough ‘green’ blogs or blog entries out there, I will add one more. We have been told by all sorts of...

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