Can a Business be Run on iOS?

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Is iOS Alone Enough?

I’ve decided to conduct an experiment. I would like to discover which businesses can be run efficiently and effectively from an iPhone and/or iPad? What are the limitations? Are there activities that cannot be done on iOS?

I have been watching the news and I believe that Apple will eventually combine the Mac and the iPad so that we can finally have just one device. As a self proclaimed minimalist, I am always looking for more ways to consolidate and downsize into fewer necessary gadgets.

The Convenience of iOS

It would be so much more convenient to only carry around one device, and so much better for our backs! Not only that, to have a smaller device to just grab while I am sitting on the couch, suddenly struck by inspiration. I could grab it out of my purse and start typing. No start up wait time (not that I shut my Mac off all that often), just ready to go out of the gate.

I think the things that hold me back the most are of course web design and graphic design. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, but it would definitely take some getting used to make that switch now.

I’ll admin that I use my phone a great deal. I’ve had an iPhone since nearly the beginning and the thing rarely leaves my hand. And I get a lot done on there. I can even type an entire blog on my phone, but then there is the SEO and the formatting, etc. It’s definitely getting easier and there are great apps out there, but having an iPad with MacOS on it would make all of the difference.

Have you tried to run or do you run your business solely from and iOS device? Leave a comment below with your advice or feedback.



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