Database Management

Keep Track of Your Lists and Contacts

Imagine having ALL of your contacts in ONE place. You always know where to look.

Meet someone at a networking event, snap a photo of their business card and submit it with a few notes from your conversation. Weeks later…who was that person? Search the company name, or a keyword from your conversation, and BOOM! There’s all the info, right at your finger tips. With a button press, you’re on the phone or emailing to pursue this valuable lead. (Or just give us a buzz, and have Your Admin BFF follow up for you!) Remembering details, personal and professional, is an invaluable part of successful networking. How many times have you lost a card, forgotten a name? We’ve all been there! With today’s systems, we can store these important details, ready at your finger snap. Let’s turn you into a networking wiz while freeing up your head space for growing your business!

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