Email & Calendar Management

Streamline Communication & Get Your Planner Organized

Email, calendar, and scheduling – keeping them all up-to-date, organized, and snyced can be an overwhelming task. And even when you finally clean out your inbox, get every event in your calendar scheduled, and have all of your to-dos planned out, you know that it’ll be a matter of days before new emails and reminders and goals start piling up again.

Here at Your Admin BFF, we know that staying on top of these things doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Get in touch with us today – we can help you simplify and automate the processes of email and calendar management.

Need help getting your email & Calendar organized?

We’re glad to help!

Ways We Can Help

Learn how our event planning virtual assistance can help you…

Reduce or Eliminate Internal Email

Are your team’s messages, reminders, and files getting lost in a sea of confusing emails, unorganized chats, and outdated lists?

We can help. Our team will show you ways to eliminate internal email, share files and information with ease, and reduce or eliminate client emails.

Cut out the communication clutter—stay up-to-date and informed without the hassle of constantly searching for the information you need.

Calendar Management

Make it easy to update your calendars by connecting and sncying information, setting up recurring events, and automating your scheduling processes.

Ready to Begin?

If you need someone to help you get on top of your email and calendar management, we’re glad to help! Contact us today to get a quote and learn more.

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