Event Planning

Remote Event Management & Assistance

Are you always feeling one step behind planning your events? We can help recommend and develop a timeline for each of your events. You won’t experience the stress of last minute planning, but instead you will breathe easy knowing that everything is handled well in advance. 

From leadership summits to celebration banquets; customer appreciation to employee anniversaries; we offer professional guidance in bringing to life your team’s vision for a successful event. People will remember the major events hosted by your businesswe can help ensure that the impression made by your events is one that boosts and propels your team’s reputation for excellence!

“We have put our event on for a few years now, and this was the first time we hired outside assistance. The difference was immeasurable. We are still getting compliments on how great everything was! Our new signup rate was higher than ever, I feel less stressed than ever. My people keep telling me they never want to do it again without your team.”

Need help Crafting a perfect event?

We’re glad to help!

Ways We Can Help

Learn how our event planning virtual assistance can help you…

Save-The-Dates & Invitations

Need invitations, RSVP cards, or save-the-date reminders designed for your event? Our team of graphic designers is here to help, and we’ll create the perfect design for you.

Once the invitations are designed, we can help you get them printed or emailed!

Does your event require registration instead? We can help you design promotional materials and a marketing strategy, too. (More on that below!)

RSVP & Guest List Management

After your invites are sent out, we’ll help you keep track of the guest list and RSVP responses, making it easy for you to stay organized and in-the-know.

Need someone to follow up and call or email those who haven’t responded or registered? We’re happy to help out and get those tasks off of your shoulders.

Need further information from invitees, sponsors, or registrants? We can help you reach out to them and collect that information – we’ll even help create custom forms for you to make it easy for you and guests to communicate effectively!

Music, Entertainment, and Photography Arranged

Need entertainment included with your next event? We will find a great band, comedian or speaker to set the tone for your next event.

Want to arrange for a photo booth or other equipment rental? We can help you find the best rates and arrange the rental for you.

And every event needs great photography to post on social media and market the next one! We will help you find the perfect photographer to capture the memories.

Finding & Arranging the perfect venue

Need a cozy venue or a great hall? A/V concerns? One of the most important details of any event is where it will be held. We will seek out just the right place at just the right price with the right equipment for your needs.

Even remotely we can work with the venue contact to arrange decor, catering, A/V equipment and more.

Menu & Catering Planned

We will make sure your guests say YUM! while keeping things healthy and even find out if any of your guests have allergies so they can be accommodated, too. If you need catering or an in house wait staff, we will handle every detail.

We will listen to your needs and budget and offer some suggestions. Once the menu is decided we will keep in touch with the caterers to make sure that everything goes smoothly and there is plenty for all of your guests.

We know planning and running an event can be an exhausting experience. We will arrange a clean-up team and help you settle up with them when the event is over.

Promotional Materials & Swag

Looking for the perfect gift for your guest or hospitality volunteers? Need the perfect swag for your upcoming event? We can help.

For a banquet, a trade shows or even a wedding, you will want to brand your special day. Whether it’s candies with special wrappers, journals with debossed logos, or light-up fidget spinners, we will find the perfect items to wow your guests and enhance your event.

Scheduling Help

Not local and need temporary help on site during your event? We can find the perfect experienced person and prep them for the event.

If you aren’t local, but you need a temporary staff to help you run the A/V or your PowerPoint or even to Emcee your event we will look for the right people to support you every step of the way. Once we find them, we will brief them on all of the details.

Event Website & Social Media 

Need help with setting up the perfect event website with RSVP forms embedded for your guests? Our team will create the perfect Magic Site for your event and then post it on your social media channels.

An event website is the perfect and affordable way to let others know about your event, let them know where you are registered if it is a wedding or a shower, provide them with directions to the venue and show off the photos when it’s over.

Social media and email campaigns will be scheduled to remind your guests about the event to will help them remember to come and partake in the festivities.


Even after the event is over, we’ll help with the final tasks to wrap it up completely!

Need to send thank-you cards? Want to survey your guests to get feedback for next time? Want to collect testimonials or let your guests know about the next event coming up? We can help!

We’ll also aid you in posting event photographs, quotes, and anything else you need on your website and social media!

And if this is a recurring event, we’ll jump right in and start planning your next scheduled event!

Ready to Begin?

If you need someone to help you plan your next event, we’re glad to help! Contact us today to get a quote and learn more.

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