The Fairy Dust Plan

Add Some Fairy Dust to Take Your Site Maintenance to the Next Level

If your website is a hub of activity for your business, including such features as:

  • E-commerce
  • Membership
  • Courses
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Blogging
  • Calendar & Events
  • Other frequent content turnover…

…then you need regular website maintenance with hands-on professionals keeping everything looking impressive, running smoothly, and staying fresh.

You’ve visited sites that have it all–form and function coming together, buzzing with activity and generating growth. Adding Fairy Dust to your Magic Site gives you setup and support services for any or all of the above, plus extra SEO support, plugin configuration and setup, content writing and blogging assistance.

NOW, stop admiring their site and start owning your Impressive Web Presence!

Outstanding Support

We are all in for the long haul, here to help you, answer any questions, and keep your website fresh and relevant.

Content Updates

A static website is a thing of the past. Updating your website regularly will keep it fresh & groovy!


Blazing fast load time, 99.9% uptime, daily backups, SSL encryption – it’s all included in our support plans!

Business Email

From a professional site to professional communication, you will be ready for business!  (This service is extra $)

Free Stock Photos

Need to switch out a photo or two? We have gorgeous stock photos to make your online presence stand out.

SEO Optimized

Your website will be optimized for search engines so your customers can find you.

Upgrades Available

Add additional support or upgrade to a custom plan at any time.


Is something messed up? We’ll help restore your site or repair the issue.

Software Updates

All of our support plans include software updates and troubleshooting to ensure that your site remains in perfect health.

Plugin Installation

Need to add some additional functionality along the way. We will install and configure any new plugins you need.

E-Commerce Support

We’ll help you add products, coupons, sales, and more to your online store.

Membership Management

Full configuration and management of your membership site.

Blogging Assistance

Our website maintenance includes helping you edit, format, and publish your blog posts.

Course Management

Have awesome things to teach? We can help you setup a series of lessons to create courses for your students and more!

Plugin Configuration

Setting up extra features can be confusing. Let us help!

Extra SEO

We’ll help you make sure every page ranks well in SEO.

Calendar & Events

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of updating your calendar and events? We can help.

Content Writing

Don’t want to deal with writing your own website copy? We can help.
Ready for an incredible web presence with comprehensive support?

ONLY $175 Month!

The Nitty-Gritty Details

All the FAQs 

How Does It Work?

Don’t have the time or tech-savvy knowledge to manage your site? Our Fairy Dust Plan will allow you to sit back and relax while we handle virtually every single aspect of updating and caring for your site.

Our Fairy Dust Plan includes everything that the Magic Plan includes (unlimited content updates, troubleshooting, software updates, and more…) plus e-commerce management, membership management, course features and management, blogging assistance, content writing, and more — all for just $175/month.

An amazing website with powerful features may have seemed out of reach, until now. The Fairy Dust Plan is just what you need to expand your business online.

What does & doesn't your support include?

Our Magic Plan Support Includes:

  • Software updates
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Daily Backups
  • SSL Encryption
  • Privacy Protection on Domain
  • Technical Support
  • Minor content updates
  • New pages, within reason
  • New content sections, within reason
  • Troubleshooting issues not related to third party plugins
  • Installing most plugins and making sure they show up properly on your website (premium plugins at your own expense)
  • Adding photos
  • Adding an eCommerce plugin to your site along with the pages it requires to function
  • Adding a membership plugin to your site along with the pages it requires to function
  • Adding blogs that you have written to your site, formatting, adding keywords, etc.
  • Plugin configuration
  • Approving the members that join your website
  • Configuring shipping, taxes, adding, categories, inventory, products or payment gateways in your e-commerce plugin (some restrictions apply)
  • Setting up calendar events
  • Adding products to your e-commerce solution
  • Adding photos to a portfolio or gallery
  • Creating listings
  • Adding resources
  • Publishing articles
  • And much more!

And Does Not Support:*

  • Custom coding
  • Custom graphics or print graphics
  • Managing features or anything to do with third party plugins

*Some of these features may be offered at our regular hourly rate.

Content Writing

Need some help formulating the perfect text to market your products? We’re glad to help! The first time you go to add content to your first website you will see how intimidating of a task it can be. Selling yourself and your products isn’t always easy when you have to tell the world about it.

We have lots of experience with this and can write it in a way that is SEO-friendly as well as easy to read for your audience. Any hints, tips, research or links you can provide will make this go much faster if it is an industry we aren’t all that familiar with.

Membership Management:

Membership websites are an awesome way to protect private information, curate a community, or to make money by selling your services as a subscription! 

Want to have a membership site without worrying about the responsibility of combing through protection rules and settings to make each private page hidden, without having to manually approve each member, and without dealing with the technical side of setting up dripped content or trial memberships? We can help!

What aspects will I be responsible for?

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Letting us know who we should or shouldn’t approve as a member
  • Letting us know which pages and posts need to be protected
  • Informing us of other desired features (such as trials, coupons, or dripped content) and letting us know the details of what you want so that we can configure them for you
  • Moderation of comments or posts made by members, as well as customer support for your members.

E-commerce Support:

Selling products online is an awesome way to reach new customers and make shopping easy and convenient for your existing customer base. Whether you sell services, physical products, or downloadable items we can help you set up your store, configure the payment gateway, add products, and manage your store.

As you choose to offer sales, coupons, new products, or revisions for old products we’ll be there to help you implement these changes and ensure that both you and your customers have an awesome shopping experience.

How many products can I add?
Once your Fairy Dust subscription begins we will add up to five products at a time.

(We will let you know if we can do more than five at a time after the first five – this will depend on images, setup, variables, etc.)

What payment gateways can I use?
Integrating your site with Paypal, Stripe, or Square is free*. Other payment gateways such as are also options, but may require a premium plugin to setup.

*these payment gateways do have processing fees

What aspects will I be responsible for?

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Promoting your products
  • Shipping them or providing the services purchased
  • Letting us know when to mark items on sale, out-of-stock, or back in stock
  • Handling your own customer service
  • Providing photos, information, prices, and SKU numbers for each product you want on the site.
  • Letting us know your desired shipping costs for each product
  • Specifying sales & coupon codes, dates, and rates

Course Setup & Management

Do you have awesome things to teach? We can help you setup a series of lessons to create courses for your students – and if you want to sell the courses or make them available solely for members, we can help with that too!

Can be Integrated with Membership or E-commerce!

Can I include videos and quizzes?

Sure! Just send them in and we will set them up. As setting up quizzes can be complicated and take quite a bit of setup, the turnaround time for this task might be longer than usual.

Can you help me write the course lessons?

We don’t know your industry or teach as well as you do. Therefore, it is always best if you write the lessons. However, we can certainly review them for grammar and spelling and we are happy to do so!  (Just keep in mind that for very long lessons or courses this may require a longer-than-usual turnaround time.)

We do, however, provide free stock photos which can be used in lessons as needed, and we will help embed videos and make your quizzes interactive as needed.

Calendar & Event Updates

A calendar is a great way to keep your website up-to-date and make sure your visitors know about what events and meetings are in the near future.

But updating your calendar can be a time-consuming hassle. With the  Fairy Dust Plan, your calendar will be updated at your request – no hassle or effort required.

How far in advance do I need to give you event info?
Because your requests are queued, it’s best to get them to us as soon as possible – at least a week before they absolutely need to be published.

If you’ve got a last-minute update to add to the site you’re welcome submit it to us, and we will do the best we can to get it added in a timely manner. We try to respond to support requests as quickly as possible, but please try to submit any time-sensitive content revisions as early as possible. We cannot commit to rushed support or client-set deadlines. You are also welcome to add it yourself to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Plugins & Coding

Plugins offer fun and unique features that will add to the functionality and usability of your website for you and your end user.

Need help setting up a plugin and implementing its features on your site? We’re glad to help you get the settings right and utilize the features and benefits added by the plugin.

Plugin Restrictions
Please note that any plugins not updated within the past year will not be added by YABFF. We also reserve the right to refuse adding plugins that will hamper the functionality of your site, or which duplicate features already included your site.
Do you do custom coding?
We do not offer any custom coding options for our magic site.
Can I choose premium/pro plugins for my website?
You are welcome to choose premium/pro plugins for your website, but please keep in mind that you will be responsible for the cost of these add-ons. We’d also recommend checking with us first to make sure you’re purchasing a plugin which will work well with your site.


We have found that the best email provider is Google Suite for Business.  Setting up Google Suite for Business can be a fairly complicated process.  If you would like us to set this up for you, we would be happy to.  This service has a $20 setup fee and you will be billed by Google appx. $5 per month per email address.

You’ll get to choose the prefix, and your site’s URL will serve as the email suffix. (This is an awesome way to help your business function professionally!)

You will be entirely responsible for managing your email account and inbox once we finish setting it up, but we are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this process.  If you would like us to manage it for you, that service is available at our regular hourly rate.

Extra SEO

Want to specify unique keywords for each of your pages, posts, and products? With the Fairy Dust Plan, you can! We’ll also help you tweak the wording as needed for increased readability and maximum keyword impact.

Another way we can help you: we’ll help* set up your Google Analytics dashboard so that you can better monitor your traffic, spot trends, and learn more about what brings visitors to your site.

We’re also able to help you* set up Google My Business so that when your customers search for you, you’re easy to find!

*these services do require us to have access to your Google account while we are configuring these services for you

Other Features Included

Our Magic Plan comes bundled with hosting services, which helps simplify the hassle of owning a website and streamlines all your website costs into one single & affordable monthly payment.

Blazing Fast Hosting Included

SSL Certificate

Low Monthly Cost

Upgrading & Additional Services:

Our Magic Plan is perfect for you if you need maintenance for your dynamic website at an affordable price that will grow and change as your business does. If you need extra e-commerce support, content writing help, membership management, or other features our Fairy Dust Plan may be perfect for your growing site.

If you need additional services for your site that are not included in the Magic Plan, we can help you for our regular hourly fee, or help you know whether it would be best to upgrade.

Communication & Requests:

Have a tech support question, or need to let us know about an error on your site? Contact us and we’ll get to work as soon as possible.

When you submit a request for help, please do not submit another request ticket until we have fully resolved and finished the requests in your first ticket.

We try to respond to support requests as quickly as possible, but please try to submit any time-sensitive content revisions as early as possible. We cannot commit to rushed support or client-set deadlines.

Payment & Ownership Details

The pricing for our Magic Plan is $75/month.  Our Magic Plan is an affordable maintenance solution that will provide you with support for your growing and changing website.

What happens if I stop paying?
If you choose to stop paying your monthly cost, your site will go down. You will have a 30-day period to begin paying again and have your site restored.
What if my credit card expired and I forgot to update?
We know it can be easy to forget to pay a bill or to overlook that your payment option is expired, so we’ll be sure to send you email alerts about your missed payments so that your site can be restored as quickly as possible.
What if I want to cancel?
Should you wish to cancel your plan we will be sad to see you go. Your site will remain intact and functional for the duration of the period you have already paid for. After that period your site will go down, and you will have 30 days to restore your site if desired.
What if I want to keep my website?
If you want to cancel your plan, but keep your website, we would be glad to transfer ownership to you. You would just pay a transfer fee of $25.  This process takes up to five business days.  Your account needs to be current in order to transfer.

The Fairy Dust Plan is Designed for Website Owners Who…

want a secure website without needing to deal with about any technical aspects

Don't have the knowledge, time. or desire to update their website themselves

Want to periodically add content or switch out dated content

Wants to be able to revise design elements, swap out photos, or otherwise change the appearance of the site

Need extended features such as on online store or membership site, or

Want help with blogging, calendar management, content creation, or SEO

If our Fairy Dust Plan looks perfect for you, then why wait? Contact us today to let us know your website needs and wishes.

Not Sure?

Don’t need to manage an ecommerce, membership, or other more complex site? Check out our Magic Plan! (Or, just need a plan with tech support? Take a look at our Lite Plan!)

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