Let’s Talk About Hashtags

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Use All 30 Hashtags

The jury is hung on this one, some say to only use a few specific hashtags and some say use all 30. I say use all 30! Hashtags are searchable and the more you attach to your posts the more opportunities you have to get your posts in front of people, and not just any people, but YOUR people.

Make Them Specific

Don’t just use generalized keywords like “beautiful” or “love” or “art” because then your post will get lost within all the other posts adorned with those hashtags. Your hashtags should be specific and relevant to your niche and target audience, but not TOO SPECIFIC that no one will be able to find them. Try to stick to tags that have between 10,000 and 500,000 images attached to them; this way they are specific enough to be searchable but won’t get lost within a million other posts.

Follow Hashtags

Just like you can follow accounts on IG you can follow hashtags! This is a wonderful way to discover new accounts and connect with potential clients/customers. Engage with them and they could very well engage right back with you! This can open up so many possibilities!!

Switch Them Up

Use a few different sets of hashtags. This way:

  1.  You can connect with different types of people
  2. The instagram algorithm doesn’t work against you for being too “spammy”
  3. You can see which hashtags work best for you.

Use Them In Your Stories

Did you know you can add hashtags to your stories?! Yes, you can! So add them on! This is just one more opportunity to connect with people and, you guessed it, expand your reach!



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