Living Life Amidst COVID-19

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I told my team this morning that as I worked late into the night, I dozed off at my computer as I sometimes do. When I woke up still sitting there in that midnight kind of quiet, with a familiar and comforting Frasier rerun quietly playing in the background, it was suddenly all so surreal that it took me a moment to decide if this horror was really happening or just a nightmare.

It can’t be real. How is it possible that thousands of people have died in just a matter of weeks? How is it possible that many more will perish if we all don’t stay inside?

It must be terrifying to be on the front lines; doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, etc. We are at war. I’ve lived through a few things in my lifetime; 911, The Gulf War, threats of war in the 80s, but nothing like this. I guess I was somewhat oblivious from those in the 80s and 90s as many teens and twenty-somethings in the U.S. are. But this war with our invisible and deadly foe has us all at attention, or it certainly should.


I am pondering, as many of us are, the things we take for granted day to day; running errands, ordering take out, going to the park, traveling, shopping, etc. Suddenly all of that has been taken from us. How will it ever end? Will it go back to the way it was or have we changed forever?

I homeschool my children and as a virtual assistant I work primarily from home other than meetings with clients. I order from Amazon and get delivery from the local grocery store, so I’ve been accustomed to living like this for years. It shouldn’t feel like such a huge change, but somehow it does. Even being able to communicate with everyone so easily, it’s still a very lonely time. Can you imagine living through this without iPhones, the internet, social media, restaurant and grocery delivery apps or Zoom?

Finding Comfort and Reasons for Gratitude

I have found comfort in praying for others with my children, especially those on the front lines, getting in as many workouts as possible, working more, cooking much, much more than I used to, organizing areas of my home that were begging for it, and of course cleaning… constantly.

This quarantine is a reminder to count our blessings. I am so grateful for my family and friends, for my amazing clients and my stellar team who are all facing struggles of their own, for the internet and my Apple products. I know we will pull through this, but until then I salute those who are working so hard to care for us in the hospitals and clinics and those who are working to keep us fed and stocked up on toilet paper. As many have said, you are our heroes. Thank you for all that you do!

Your Thoughts?

Who are you grateful for and what are you feeling during this difficult time? And how do we prepare ourselves for something similar in the future?


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