The Long List

(This is not an exhaustive list)

How can we help you?

Social Media:

  • We help create graphics based on client preferences and branding styles
  • We can help start channels
  • Update banners
  • Post regularly
  • Help with engagement
  • Help create content


  • We build gorgeous and responsive websites on WordPress, SquareSpace, Shopify and more platforms
  • Curating appropriate images
  • Layouts for blog posts
  • Update current websites with new content or photos
  • Stories
  • News
  • Resources
  • E-commerce
  • Memberships
  • Galleries
  • Calendar integration
  • Podcasts publishing
  • Content creation
  • Updates
  • Backups
  • We can manage all domains and hosting and help purchase new domain names
  • and more…


  • We transcribe audio resources to also be in text format, both so that they are better accessible to the public and for SEO purposes
  • And video for the same reason or for team members after a meeting


  • Create gorgeous presentations with your content

Documents (Word/Pages/Google Docs):

  • Format Word docs or create the online for team collaboration
  • Put it into a more marketable format
  • Edit

Spreadsheets (Excel/Numbers/Google Sheets):

  • Develop tables
  • Put your data into a more marketable format

Graphic Design:

  • Create logos & branding kits for your organization
  • Design signs for events, meetings, and more
  • Name tags for events
  • Merchandise
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • and more…


  • Format and design regular newsletter updates

Email Campaigns:

  • We create email campaigns
  • Design templates
  • Build forms to capture leads
  • Writing content

Text Campaigns:

  • Create mass text campaigns to let people know about sales and more


  • We create forms for all sorts of standard and unique purposes and systems
  • RSVP forms for events
  • Create a pdf form from a document
  • Create an electronic form from a document
  • Create another form of a document from a PDF


  • Create thank you letters for any reason
  • Send birthday cards or sympathy cards to clients or birthday emails


  • We work to automate your business
  • Organize
  • Develop processes and train team to use them


  • Work with venue to secure date, set up, menu, catering, seating, etc.
  • Manage all RSVPs, communications, etc.
  • Work with team for seat assignments if applicable
  • Coordinate volunteers for each event


  • We organize email with filters, folders, etc.
  • Migrate email to Gmail (recommended) – free or paid
  • We can learn to help respond to certain kinds of email
  • We can create a list of who there is to reply to and reply as you with coaching


  • We can help coordinate a calendar
  • Share calendars with you or between you and your team or family
  • Color coordinate events if using Google Workspace
  • Add appointments
  • Set up an appointment app so people can schedule directly with you during your chosen open times and sync it with your calendar


  • We can help with marketing by creating flyers as above
  • Facebook, Instagram, etc. ads
  • Google ads
  • Mass emailing (see above)
  • Mass texting
  • Mass mailing

Project Management:

  • We assess your style and determine the best solution for you and your company
  • We can develop a tutorial for you on how to navigate the new project management
  • Onboard your team and train them as well


  • If you don’t have a database at all and need one, we determine the best overall app or location for it
  • Keep the list updated and current


  • We help develop your policy manual and onboarding procedures for team and clients


  • Prepare and send monthly invoices through QuickBooks Online or Square
  • Confirm payments, mark invoices paid or follow up
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Prepare reports for accountant


  • If professional photos are needed, we can coordinate that


  • Attend meetings virtually
  • Take notes
  • Create minutes
  • Coordinate meetings with clients of clients

And More!

  • We have created a resident directory for a neighborhood
  • Helped book flights, hotels, and rides

Ready to Begin?

Ready to get your email marketing up-and-running? Or need to outsource that task so you have more time to focus on other business? Contact us today to get a quote and learn more.

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