Productivity Tips for Your Week

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We all have experienced the thought, “There are not enough hours in the day.” Sure, we have robot vacuums out there now to help us out, but sometimes you have to go back to the basics.

Here are three tips for having a successful, productive week:

Tip 1: Prep

Did your parents ever make you lay your clothes out on your bed the night before? Mine did☝️and I hated it. I was also too young to understand the reason why.

It’s the small things that can take up our time. So, if putting out your cereal bowl with a spoon next to your box of Cheerios on the counter the night before saves you a minute of your time in the morning, then do it!

Prep your to do list for the week.

By that we mean make a list of all that you have to do. But just because you have a “to do” list, don’t think you are fnished. This is where most people feel “organized” enough only to find out later on in the day or week that they didn’t allocate time to accomplish everything.

Tip 2: Prioritize

Take that list and prioritize it however you need to for the days to come. What’s a priority and what isn’t? Do some tasks have a strict deadline? Do you need an extra hour for a client because you have a HUNCH they may change their mind on what they originally asked for?

We all know going to Target for a quick “errand” can turn into a two hour or more distraction with a Starbucks cup in hand. Alas, it may not be the “to do” that needs to be at the top of your list.

Tip 3: Block

Time blocking is a real thing. Once you have prioritized your to do list, block it out. How long do you think each task will take? Will you need a little extra time at the end in case changes pop up? Maybe you have an important errand to run for a client. Block out enough time for a traffic jam (we all know this happens when we least expect it!) Stay committed to your blocked time for that task!

If you finish earlier than planned, great! You can use that time to get lost in the depths of Instagram and Facebook OR get an early start on what is next!


Sometimes you’ll find that even when you’ve reached peak productivity, you still can’t find the time to finish all of the high-priority items you need to do. When that happens, delegating your to-do list is the perfect way to stay productive.  The easiest way to delegate is with an awesome virtual assistant. So check out our virtual assistance services today!


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