Virtual Assistance FAQs

 How our VA Plans work.
How Do I submit tasks?

Our team uses to handle tasks & delegation. This platform allows both your team and ours to stay informed and up-to-date with ease. 

Once you’ve signed up for a Virtual Assistance plan, we’ll get your personalized Monday board set up for you. This area will allow you to add tasks, converse with our team members, see progress updates, share files, and more.

However, we also understand that some tasks are better conveyed in a real-time conversational style, so chatting via our website is also available, and recorded audio sessions or screen sharing options are available by appointment.

How quickly will my tasks be finished?

Turnaround time for tasks will vary depending on the scope and complexity of your requests.

We try to respond to support requests as quickly as possible, but please try to submit any time-sensitive content revisions as early as possible. We cannot commit to rushed support or client-set deadlines.

Who will I be working with?

Assistants are assigned on a task-by-task basis. Every time you submit a new task, an assistant with the optimal skillset and availability will be chosen. 

Learn more about the individuals who make up our team here.

Can I request a specific assistant?

You’re welcome to let us know of your preferences, but we cannot guarantee that that specific assistant will be available.

Can you assist with any type of task?

All of the tasks listed under our Virtual Assistant Services are absolutely covered. If you’d like us to handle a task not listed there you are welcome to contact us with your request. We reserve the right to decline tasks which are beyond the scope of our services. 

For website building and support, consider our Magic Site services.


Keep track of your spent hours


Prioritize tasks

How do i keep track of my hours?

A section of your board will display the amount of hours you’ve used that month. 

If you’ve requested more tasks than we can accomplish in the hours you have left for the month we’ll contact you to ensure that we handle the highest priority tasks first.

What if I want more hours?

You are welcome to request upgrade your plan at any time.

Do the hours rollover to new months?

No, we are not currently able to offer rollover hours.

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