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The Magic Site

The Magic Site

Fast, Easy, & Economical

We’ve worked with many small business owners over the years, and we know that when you’re starting a new business, the cost & time investment of a website for your startup may seem daunting. So that’s why we offer an easy website solution to help you get your website launched quickly.

The Magic Site provides you with a professional, responsive website that puts your business online, fast.

And when you add one of our maintenance plans it’s simple to keep your stunning new website fresh without any of hassle.


Up to 5 pages


Ready in 5-10 business days


Responsive, mobile-friendly designs


Keep it fresh & up-to-date with our maintenance plans

Magic Site FAQ


Will the Website be customized to my brand?

During the pre-design stage, you will have an opportunity to share with us your general design preferences & brand styles. We will use this information to help create a website which complements your logo and branding.

What is the Turnaround Time?

Once you have provided us with all necessary information, expected turnaround time is five to ten business days.

What Revisions can I make?

Once we have built the website, you will have an opportunity to review the content for errors and we will ensure that any mistakes are resolved before your site goes live.

What features are not available?

The following content features are not available for the Magic Site:

  • Custom coding
  • E-commerce stores
  • Membership sites
  • More than five pages

Want a site that includes these options? Check out our custom website options.

Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design

Built to your exact needs and brand style

Perhaps you want a non-standard website layout. Maybe you want a website that is built, from beginning to end, with your brand in mind. Or perhaps you’ve just grown enough to find that your current website is getting too small and no longer properly reflects your organization properly.

Regardless, you’re ready for a website that is carefully tailored to your needs, preferences, and unique personality. And Your Admin BFF is proud to offer custom websites that will perfectly encapsulate your vision and brand online.

Our custom websites can be any size, and can include a wide range of features such as an e-commerce online store, a membership section, online courses, and much, much more.

What is the Turnaround Time?

Turnaround time varies greatly depending on the size of your website and the features you need. Once you’ve given us the details of your project, we’ll be happy to give you an estimate.

How Many Revisions can I make?

We will work with you to create a design layout you’re happy with, and you’ll have ample chance for design revisions at this stage. Once the site is ready to go live you’ll have a chance to make simple revisions to the design or content as needed.

Included Features

All of our website (both Magic and Custom!) Include…

Privacy Policy

Every site we build comes with a privacy policy included to help you comply with privacy laws.

Custom Fonts & Colors

Have a particular font that you love? We can add it throughout your new website! And if you’ve got a logo with a font you love, we can help you find the same or a similar font to use throughout your site.

Choose any color in the rainbow from the colors in your brand or the colors that will resonate with your clients.

Free Stock Photos

We provide gorgeous, professional photos as needed to make your online presence stand out.

Simple Logo

Need a logo? We’ll provide a single custom-made non-vector design that will enhance your site. ($150 value)

Want a full, vector logo with multiple versions to use for all your branding needs? Visit our Graphic Design page to learn more about our branding services!

Responsive Design

Desktop, tablet, or phoneyour website will look amazing on any device. We design your website to adapt, resize, and rearrange your content for all screen sizes so that mobile and desktop visitors can browse your site with equal ease. 

Maintenance Plans Available

Once your site is built, we have three great maintenance plans you can choose from! All of them include free hosting services, website backups, and troubleshooting services, and there are options to have us handle regular updates and revisions to your site as well!

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Our Work

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