WordPress: The Website For “The Rest of Us”!

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You need a website

No, no…that wasn’t a question. You need a good WordPress website.  Today, not having a website is the business equivalent of being homeless.

Phone books have been replaced by Google; newspapers by online news sites and social media. You have likely already recognized this, or you wouldn’t be here now.  Maybe you already have a site, but it looks outdated or is difficult to navigate.  You recognize your needs, but perhaps you don’t have time to build or maintain the site your business deserves.

Our team of virtual assistants and web designers are skilled in the area of WordPress.  We love to build beautiful, fresh websites using the WordPress platform – and in addition to that, we can also edit and maintain them.

While it may not be your desire to become a WordPress website expert, your virtual assistant can create a tutorial to help you learn how to write a blog post inside the WordPress admin (or just take care of it for you).

What I love about a WordPress website

As Steve Jobs used to say that “MobileMe was exchange for the rest of us,” similarly, WordPress is the website for the rest of us. I love that it’s an ideal platform for building beautiful, modern, and even custom and complicated websites.

But at the same time, someone who knows very little about websites can be given a certain level of permissions, ensuring that your website won’t break. That person could then blog, or upload photos, etc. (Blogging is not required, but it’s crucial for your SEO and a great way to stay in touch with current and potential clients!)

Another great aspect of WordPress is its ability to be customized. There are almost limitless options for adding plugins and features to your site. Membership options, calendars, e-commerce stores, courses, forms, analytics, and many, many more awesome elements can be incorporated into sites to ensure that each one does everything it’s needed to do.

What is your favorite thing about WordPress?


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