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Who is Your Admin BFF?

It all started in 2010: An executive suites business manager moonlighting as a contracted bookkeeper and a virtual assistant, honing her knack for creativity and feeding an insatiable hunger to always find new ways to help people run their businesses in ways that are smarter, better, more efficient and more effective. Your Admin BFF quickly became a full-time enterprise, continuing to serve clients for more than a decade and training up new team members to serve an ever-burgeoning clientele.

“What we’re doing is more the techie side of virtual assistance,” explains Suzi King, founder. “We don’t just put up a website and then say, ‘See ya.’ We remain there to help them maintain and build their online presence. We are here to support people; we are their BFF (Best Friend Forever), in that sense.”

Your Admin BFF is a dynamic team made up of enterprising women in the United States, excited about this career and working hard to support families.

“I am very choosy about who I add to the team.  Everyone has her name on her work.  Everyone takes personal pride in serving and thrilling our clients.”

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To partner with you and help you get organized virtually in your day-to-day tasks, projects, bookkeeping and more. We want to help you discover new ways to organize and optimize your business; and to do so in such a way that the process seems almost magical.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone should be able to bring their business into the 21st century and be able to work from any platform regardless of their technical skills, business size, location, or budget.



“Suzi and team are our firm’s administrative backbone. They’re smart, responsive, hard-working, caring and masters of so many things: admin, bookkeeping, websites, graphics, social media, IT. And, to top it off, they’re wonderful people — those with whom you trust your most important stuff, your valuables, and your kids. We love you, Suzi!”

– David Deutsch, President, David N. Deutsch & Company


The Admin BFF team is amazing! Always available to help with any of my business needs!!!

-Tammy Smart, Celebrity Homes Omaha


Suzi King and her team are awesome!  Quick to respond, creative ideas and great to work with for your admin needs!

Thanks for ALL you do!!

– Jane Ploughman, Celebrity Homes Omaha


Truly, an experience that has been above-and-beyond: Internet, Social Media, Websites, Design and MORE. And beyond the quality, personalization, professionalism and expertise, we have also so appreciated Suzi’s passion to help others succeed. Thank you Suzi, we so appreciate you and your commitment to excellence!

–David A, Associate Director, Fresh Start for all Nations


As a small business owner, Suzi has been stellar in helping me build my brand through building my website and designing my logo. Suzi continues to help boost my business by handling my social media presence! I would HIGHLY recommend Suzi to help you build the business of your dreams!

-Denise Braverlly, Hope & Wellness Omaha


Your Admin BFF truly is your BFF. They have really helped us get our website, logo, and branding off the ground. They are fantastic! If you need anything done for you or your business, they definitely are a great company to work with.

-Christy Wissink, Hope & Wellness Omaha

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