Meet the Team

Learn more about who the YABFF team members are and what we do.

Fun Facts:




Star Wars Nerd (born on Star Wars Day)


Apple Obsessed


Aspiring to be Paperless


Lucky at Cards... :/


Perfectionist (not proud)



Founder & Head Fairy Dust Maker

As the founder and owner of Your Admin BFF, Suzi is responsible for managing the entire team of Virtual Assistants, building websites, graphic design, social media, and, well… all the things.

Gallop Strengths:




Fun Facts:

Boba Fett & Darth Vader made an appearance IN my wedding



Coffee is my favorite food group



Live Music is my love language



Self taught baker



Marketing Guru/Event Planner turned homeschool Mom/Ministry Assistant


One of our newest Virtual Assistants, Christi helps handle events, social media, and blogging!

Gallop Strengths:






Fun Facts:

Born on Valentine's Day


Started working my first job on my 15th birthday, I had to get a special work permit. I worked at least one, if not two or three jobs, at all times since then.


I love math! I have always enjoyed solving math problems!


I can do minor car repairs, changing oil, changing brakes, fixing minor car issues.


3 kids, 2 dogs, and a Guinea Pig presently reside in my home



Assistant Fairy Dust Maker

Administrative work, social media management, email marketing, event planning, and graphic design — Desiree stays busy designing and coordinating all of the above.

Gallop Strengths:




Fun Facts:



Homeschooled through high school


Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate chip mint


I met my husband through blogging


I've never been to Starbucks



Lead Fairy Dust Maker

Hannah’s primary focus is web design and website maintenance, although she helps out with graphic design and other tasks when needed.

Gallop Strengths:




Fun Facts:

Makes better cinnamon rolls than any restaurant


Enjoys strong coffee


Loves long walks, biking, and nature walks


Relishes capturing the essence of a moment in a photograph



Fairy Dust Maker

Jennifer helps the team manage and maintain websites.

Gallop Strengths:


Fun Facts:

A seasonal drinker: hot tea or coffee in the winter, iced tea in the summer


Loves historic homes, buildings, and facts


Passion for making the world a better place and teaching kids to do the same



Loves sharing how to reduce household chemicals with Norwex


Teacher turned homeschool mom


Equally left and right brained


Finds peace in nature



Fairy Dust Maker

Jenny’s skills include blogging, creating social media posts, and graphic design.

Gallop Strengths:




Fun Facts:

Master crocheter


Chick-fil-a groupie


I've worn sunglasses nearly every day of my life (or they’re on my head)


Former country line dancer/instructor


I believe heaven is a beach in Mexico


Didn’t want children growing up, then wanted all boys so as not to have girl drama but God has a sense of humor and gave me 3 girls (#blessed)



Business Managing Fairy Dust Maker

Jess helps handle administrative tasks, bookkeeping, financial management, and event planning.

Gallop Strengths:


Fun Facts:

Wrote a country song called "He Durn Run Out On Me" at the age of 8


Filmed two Reading Rainbow book reports for PBS in Peoria


Planned to be a singer most of childhood, until recording herself and realizing she sang very badly


Lover of all things food



Fed little brother cat food covered in liquid soap "to kill the germs"


Was once stranded in a blizzard in Iceland


Amature mycologist



Lead Fairy Dust Maker

Lacey handles transcription, administrative tasks, email marketing, social media planning and management, and graphic design.

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