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Learn more about who the YABFF team members are and what we do.
Suzi King


As the founder and owner of Your Admin BFF, Suzi is constantly blessed by wonderful new & long time clients and an awesome team.

Fun Facts:



Star Wars Nerd (born on Star Wars Day)

Aspiring to be Paperless

Lucky at Cards... :/

Perfectionist (not proud)

Apple Obsessed

Hannah Callahan

Graphic and Web Design

Hannah’s primary magic is extremely gifted in the area of graphic and web design. If you need a custom website, please visit Hannah here.



Fun Facts:


Homeschool Grad

Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate chip mint

Has lived in the Pacific NW, the East Coast, the Midwest, and the Deep South

Part of a local board gaming league


Laura Richwine

Virtual Assistant


Fun Facts:


Love to crochet

I love to read

I like to act in plays when I have the time

I love animals

Sara Richwine

Event Management

Fun Facts:

Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He died for our sins, so all could spend eternity in Heaven

I have 5 brothers, 4 sisters, 65 nieces/ nephews, appx. 25 far! 🙂

Married 31 years, 4 "kids"

Traveled more in the past few years than in my entire life

Plays keyboard in worship band with 2 brothers & 2 nieces

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