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Founder & Head Fairy Dust Maker

As the founder and owner of Your Admin BFF, Suzi is constantly blessed by wonderful new & long time clients and an awesome team of virtual assistants that continues to grow. She also loves solving administrative puzzles, developing productive systems for teams, building websites, graphic design, social media, and, well… all the things. In addition to her business, she keeps busy with her amazing family and friends, two homeschooled teens, two funny Shih Tzus, a misunderstood cat, and she escapes on travel adventures whenever there’s an opportunity.

Fun Facts:



Star Wars Nerd (born on Star Wars Day)

Aspiring to be Paperless

Lucky at Cards... :/

Perfectionist (not proud)

Apple Obsessed


Administrative Specialist

Fun Facts:

I love music

I taught myself to play the guitar at 16

I can sew and crochet

My favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls

My favorite movie is The Breakfast Club


Business Consultant

Fun Facts:

Celebrated the millenium on the streets of London when I was 15 years old

Favorite hobby is cooking / baking

Self-proclaimed coffee snob

Homeschool mom of 4 kiddos (3 boys, 1 girl)

Lived in North Pole, Alaska as a child


Ferment my own kombucha


Assistant Fairy Dust Maker

Christi works closely with clients, specializes in administrative work, handles events, social media, and blogging!

Fun Facts:

Boba Fett & Darth Vader made an appearance IN my wedding

Coffee is my favorite food group

Live Music is my love language

Self taught baker

Marketing Guru/Event Planner turned homeschool Mom/Ministry Assistant


Assistant Fairy Dust Maker

Desiree helps clients with administrative tasks, builds websites, handles site maintenance, and much more!

Fun Facts:

Born on Valentine’s Day

Started working my first job on my 15th birthday, I had to get a special work permit. I worked at least one, if not two or three jobs, at all times since then.

I love math! I have always enjoyed solving math problems!

I can do minor car repairs, changing oil, changing brakes, fixing minor car issues.

3 kids, 2 dogs, and a Guinea Pig presently reside in my home


Business Consultant

Fun Facts:


Administrative Assistant

Fun Facts:

I’m an identical twin

If I had one food to live off of, it would be cheese

I love refinishing old furniture and making it look new again

If I could win a lifetime supply of one piece of clothing, it would be zip up hoodies

I love to build sculptures in the snow with my kids. We’ve built a 6 foot by 5 foot bear, a panther, Yoda, the Easter Bunny, an 8 foot snowman and Snoopy (which made the news)

Hannah Callahan

Graphic & Website Designer

Hannah’s primary magic is web design, website maintenance, and  graphic design. She works with clients to make sure their projects are handled just right and assists with other tasks when needed.

Fun Facts:


Homeschool Grad

Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate chip mint

Not a fan of avocados

Part of a local board gaming league


Bookkeeping Fairy Dust Maker

Jess helps handles bookkeeping and financial management for clients.

Fun Facts:

Master crocheter

Chick-fil-a groupie

I've worn sunglasses nearly every day of my life (or they’re on my head)

Former country line dancer/instructor

I believe heaven is a beach in Mexico

Didn’t want children growing up, then wanted all boys so as not to have girl drama but God has a sense of humor and gave me 3 girls (#blessed)


Assistant Fairy Dust Maker


Fun Facts:


Love to crochet

I love to read

I like to act in plays when I have the time

I love animals


Assistant Fairy Dust Maker

Fun Facts:

I believe with all of my being that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that He died for the sins of mankind, making a way for all (who choose wisely) to spend eternity with them in Heaven.

I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters, about 65 nieces and nephews, and about 25 far! 🙂

I've been married for 31 years (Aug), and we have 4 "kids" aged 29, 22, 20, and 16.

I've traveled more in the past 3 1/2 years than I had during my previous 47 years combined!

Over the past year, I've taught myself to play the keyboard, using chords. I play in our worship band at church, along with 2 of my brothers and 2 of my nieces. Such a blessing! ❤️

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