Copper Ridge HOA

HOA Membership Site

Project Highlights:

  • Private HOA website with membership verification
  • Gallery of neighborhood photos
  • Covenants & Bylaws fully protected and embedded in site.
  • Custom simple logo
  • Responsive design
  • Built on Divi
  • Fully custom design and layout

Our Work:

Your Admin BFF has worked with Copper Ridge HOA of Omaha for years and helped them with many virtual assistance projects and tasks, and we were thrilled to build them a new and improved website.

One of the highlights of this project was working with the beautiful brand-new photographs of the neighborhood, and making them a central focus part of the design was a simple decision to make.

The Copper Ridge HOA site is a membership site, with a free membership option for the neighborhood residents that allows each member to be verified before they are given access to the site. The previous membership plugin used by Copper Ridge didn’t protect .pdf files and made it difficult to both edit and view the site at the same time, so we selected a new plugin which eliminated these issues. We also embedded the Covenant & Bylaws files unto the website itself, giving members an option to skim through them online rather than downloading them.

Project Screenshots:

HOA Membership Site
HOA Membership Site

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