When was the last time that you checked your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account? Most people have already checked multiple times today. Let’s chat about why quality social media should be a focus in your business. Why is it important that businesses use social media? Well, we may have just answered our own question. It seems as though everyone is on some platform, so why not take advantage of the free services to market your business on a daily basis, while building connections, and communicating to build relationships?

1. Consistency

When you are visible to your clients and potential clients, on a daily basis, they won’t forget you. Whether you are giving helpful tips, having fun, or promoting your product/business, it’s important to stay on the mind of your clients. Posting at least once per day is important, because your visibility will make potential clients think of you when they are in need of your product/service.

2. Connection

Would you like to be able to have a relationship with your clients? The social media platforms make this possible without a ton of effort and cash. As clients see your interaction, interests, and thoughtfulness, they build a trust in your business and in you. This increases your value to them and the more that they interact to your posts, the more visible your business is to other potential clients

3. Communication

How awesome is it that we can chat and interact with our customers within minutes? Another way that we communicate is through quality content and images. The trends on social media are constantly shifting, but using polls, giveaways, images, memes, gifs, filters, and so much more. The quality and care that are given to your posts are evident to those viewing them.

How can Your Admin BFF help your social media presence? We are constantly adapting to trends to keep our clients’ business in view of potential and current clients. We make it possible for you to network and build client relationships without the stress of brainstorming and producing content for your accounts on a daily basis.


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